Hapoel Haifa basketball club started participating in the Israeli premier league on 1955.
The club has been a part of the leading top teams and also represented the Israeli basketball abroad mainly at the European Corach cup.
During its existence the main emphasis  was a red youth department as a tool for growing many leading players, Such as Avraham Hemo , Mully Avisar , Haim Zlotikman, Guy Gudess, Bar Timor and many more.
The club has experienced several management crises that caused it to unite with other clubs (Nesher and Ramat Hasharon) and also 3 times to liquidation.
After the 2010 liquidation the supporters understood that without their personal involvement in managing and leading the club,  it would vanish from the Israeli basketball.
This insight lead to the establishing the HAPOEL HAIFA BASKETBALL RED HEART  association and re-establishing the club with a goal to return to the premier league within 7-8 years
The new Hapoel Haifa basketball  club  started playing on the 2011/12 season at the 5th league – b league(the lowest one).
During 4 years of the supporters management , the club has climbed successfully to the 3rd league, (Arzit),budget balanced and budget growing each year, along with the assistance of business partners who has been supporting the association since day one.
Hoping to widen the co-operation into a managing team which will involve capitals, business people and supporters to lead the club to furthers goals and success.in full partnership and liability.
Facing the 2015/16 season (5th under supporters management),a significant strong  line up has been gathered in the aim to lead the club to the 2nd – national league at the end of this season.
In addition to the competitive adult males team, like in the old times ideology,  the association will activated during the 2015/16 season  8 young teams , from children to youth, including children A team in the national league  and a girls team (first in 17 years).
We invite you to join us by paying the member  fee that gives you a mean and right to vote, to be nominated, to influence and  to participate in leading the club to the place it deserves.